Superbubble is a simple guide to the next Great Financial Crisis. That means coverage of:

  1. the end of the US-dollar based international monetary system, and

  2. the transition to something new.

I do this so people like me (not financial insiders or economic PhDs) can see the overall direction of events, and can navigate the waves of craziness plaguing the planet.

I write to test the truth of four ideas:

  • The next global financial crisis is well underway.

  • This crisis will end the US dollar’s role as world reserve currency.

  • The outlines of the post-US dollar global economic system are becoming clear.

  • There are reasons to be optimistic about these changes – if we don't get nuked before we get there.

You cannot rely on my reputation, track record, or job title, so you are going to have to use your brain. Hope

I expect the Superbubble story to make more sense than what is offered by more credentialed sources.

Key influences and sources

I learn from those more experienced and better educated than me. Among them:

Adam FergussonAnu BradfordAdam le BorAhamed Liaquat Another/FOAAlan GreenspanBenn SteilCharles P. Kindleberger David GraeberDoombergDr Zhou XiaochuanEdward LuceFOFOAGrant WilliamsHarald MalmgrenHenry KissingerIrving FischerJames RickardsJaques RueffJeff SniderJelle ZijlstraJohn Kenneth GalbraithLuke GromenMortymerNiall FergusonNomi PrinsQiao Liang •  Ray DalioRonan ManlyRichard DuncanRichard WernerRussell NapierSergei GlazevHalford MackinderStephanie KeltonVictor the CleanerYanis VaroufakisWikiLeaksWilliam EngdahlZbigniew Brzezinski


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